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How much staging space is needed?

Our staging space is determined by the show and size of the audience. Our typical requirements are as follows: FULL CORPORATE MURDER MYSTERY: 10′ X 10′ BigTime Idol VARIETY SHOW: 8′ X 16′(w) minimum SMALL DINNER PARTY MYSTERIES: 5′ X 5′ Actual stage or risers are NOT usually necessary for groups of 80 or less.... Read the rest of this entry
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Do we have to meet face to face to book a show?

No. We have a very simple booking process that can be completely handled over the phone and by fax/email. We provide everything in writing in a straight-forward contract followed by a production details letter and a success-proofing tips sheet. Get your non-obligated FREE quote now >>
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How much notice do we need to book a show?

The short answer is: as much as possible. Some dates are booked a few days prior to the event, while others are fully booked as much as a year or two in advance. For best date selection, book early. Have more questions? Contact us!
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Does BigTime provide the food?

We handle the entertainment but not the catering; we’ll develop a timeline to ensure that your guests are being fed or entertained at all times. Have more questions? Contact us!
CATEGORIES: Book Your Show, Frequently Asked Questions

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We can recommend a venue for your event or we can perform at whichever venue you choose anywhere in the world! We've performed all over the world, from the Persian Gulf to Vancouver, from St. Maarten to St. John's, Newfoundland, from Bermuda to Miami, Montreal, Calgary, New York, Ohio, and on and on.

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